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Our Story

Our story begins in 2006. Villa Prato was created out of a great passion. Passion for people, passion for travelling, passion for wonderful places worth visiting, passion for our great nature and environment and the last but not least our wish to offer exactly what we expect, when as travelers,  we visit a hotel.

Welcome to Villa Prato!

The Villa is located in the very heart of Brasov, in the sunny part of Livada Postei near the main road to Poiana Brasov. Right across the street there are Casa Armatei, Rector Building and George Baritiu Library.

The historical centre of Brasov with the Black Church, the Museums, the restaurants, shopping and walking area on Republicii Street and Piata Sfatului are only moments away.

Town History

Brasov was firstly attested in 1235 under the name of Corona, later Barasu-1252 and then Brasov-1288- as the most important city in Transylvania that dominated the economy in the 14th -17th centuries.

According to the oldest document (1353)- Brasov Basis Privilege- released by the State Archive, commercial activity was flourishing, the city being famous for the quality of merchandise but most of all for the weapons they made there.

Strong guilds, among which the leaders were the Goldsmiths, Weavers, Tailors (Clothiers), Armourers, Black Smiths, Copper Smiths and Tin Smiths made Brasov not only a transit point but a flourishing trade center.

The walled city was built according with the highest standards of that time; bastions and defense towers were completed by warehouses, market squares, workshops, shops, inns, churches and hospitals. The old city of Brasov set a following example of the existing resources organization and exploitation. Several old buildings were preserved among which:

The Black Church (finished in 1477), the largest gothic basilica in the south-east Europe, with the biggest concert organ in the country, hosting classical preclassical concerts every week, the most famous being The Christmas Concert. Opposite the church there is Johannes Honterus - a famous German humanist- statue.

The Old Square with Counsel House (15th century), the most known effigy of the city, nowadays the History Museum of Brasov hosting archeology, medieval, modern and contemporary history.